he completely changed his life

Meet Jed, a one and a half year old Australian mixed breed puppy. Heath says she is enjoying her second life as a service dog. A lady has been friends with the four-legged Jade for a long time.

Her name was Mrs. Riddle and she knew the owner who asked her to take Jade for a walk. Sadly, this woman’s husband and her favorite dog died on the same day.

This accident made her very unhappy. So it was a great joy to be able to spend time with Jade, who was elderly and needed to communicate.

“I even eat with the puppy,” Heath told me. She realizes that her life has completely changed thanks to him. It was like Jade was a therapy dog, helping her get back on her feet.

She was purchased by her owner when she was six weeks old. Heath sometimes likes to tell Jade’s stories, as he usually does about his adorable dog.

To support Enigma, the owner of Jade therefore offered his partner to come and get Jade. Jade is said to be a lovable dog with a big personality.

She is a true protector of the dogs that are close to her.

He is a dog that likes to fetch.

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