Thanks to his abnormally thick hair, this child has become the star of the entire Internet. The girl is already a year old

Even though little Gabrielle from the UK is only one year old, she has already become a real internet celebrity. The girl was born with an unusually thick mop of hair; even the medical team was surprised.

“I was surprised. She appeared drastically different from the other children, according to the nurses, who said they had never seen a newborn with such long hair,” said Denika Kaneva, the baby’s mother.

Gabriella rose to fame after Denika posted her photo online. Users started liking this child’s hairstyle and drawing comparisons to Rapunzel.

“When we walk, people turn around and smile,” Kaneva said.

The girl’s mother also said that high-quality products, which she usually buys at a pharmacy, are used by Gaby to take care of her hair.

“Our Rapunzel likes to wash and dry her hair.” “Gaby laughs with joy when I dry her hair,” the mother said.

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