how the Ledenev twins look today, who barely managed to overcome anorexia

A few years ago, the mother of two girls asked a well-known TV show for help. Experts spoke to the teenagers and promised to help them. However, few people knew how things had turned out.

The sight of these 14-year-old girls greatly disturbed many viewers. In fact, Dalia and Maria just didn’t want to accept who they were. At the time, their mother entrusted her daughters to a modeling agency, not imagining that this would only make the situation worse.

The turning point came when the agency’s teacher asked the girls to go on a diet. They were so excited about their modeling careers that they couldn’t even eat. In the end, they managed to lose 12-15 kg each in a fairly short time. It is a sad result for these girls, who are even simply fragile.

Their mother realizes that her heirs are melting before her eyes and sets out to remedy it. When experts stepped in to help these women, the results were immediate. In a short time, their weight was back to normal.

Today the blue-eyed girl looks a real beauty. They work on their modeling careers, but with quiet determination. This passion did not affect the studies of beautiful girls, and they were able to graduate with gold medals.

What do you think ? What do you think of the story of these young beauties?

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