Exemplary fathers who can be described as “Parents of the Year”.

Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries on the third Sunday of the first summer month, but emotional moments need not be celebrated once a year. Today could be a great opportunity to show you what kind of fathers men can be. How cool they can be and what they are willing to do for the sake of the child.

If you think that the main task of a man is to provide for his family, then you are definitely here, because the support and protection of the leader of the unit of society is essential. And it can also be adventures like dyeing your beard pink or attending dance classes together.

Someone shelters from the rain, someone from the sun

The child was thrilled when her photo with her father became a poster in a dance circle

They go to Cinderella

The child grew up, but the leprosy remained

Before my father had time to close his eyes, he became part of the game

Air conditioning will save the bar from the heat

It’s hard to convey the emotions of parents when your son became the very first successful graduate in the family

They were able to obtain a diploma, although she was expelled for lack of documents

Only a daughter can make her father a fairy

The twins were only born in their thirtieth week, and now they’ve met their dad

Father with son in the form

The father dresses up as Batman and, if possible, visits oncology patients

Many years have passed, but there is still strength to be raised

The daughter was able to sleep for about forty-five minutes while the father held her hand like that.

Photo shows father and daughter at different times

Halloween in a big family: five girls is another task

Now his daughter’s latest drawing is still with him.

At family parties, you can take more than one touching photo with your parents

Came home from work to give flowers to my daughter

The photo did not match the six hundred men who came on the ad. Fifty fathers had to be found for the company of these children who have none.

Once the daughter was at her graduation, and now the father is hers

And what else to do if the sun interferes with your daughter?

Sometimes they dress in the same style.

who needs an umbrella

Everyone has their own review for girl’s boyfriend

What about sharing?

on the same wave

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