Who is she, the new lover of Johnny Depp, 57?

News has appeared on the internet that Depp has a new lover.

Johnny Depp, 57, said goodbye to his former passion not too long ago, which rather shook the actor’s nerves. Remember Johnny managed to win against Amber Heard in court. Nevertheless, judging by recent news, this story taught old Depp nothing.

“I stepped on the same rake,” Johnny’s knowledgeable fans wrote. We learned on the Internet that Depp had a new lover. Johnny, 57, has a relationship with the 33-year-old actress as well as model Sophie Herman. Judging by the news, the actor looks quite cheerful.

There are rumors that the 33-year-old actress took the first step by slipping her number between the strings of Depp’s guitar.

The love couple talked on the phone for a long time, but currently Johnny and Sophie’s acquaintance overflowed. Let’s hope Herman doesn’t put off the Hollywood beauty.

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