Dog Shares Sweetest Routine With Homeless Man Who Visits Him Every Day

The supreme gift, a loving and generous heart, does not need many material things. Mimi lives in a town with her mistress Mrs. Edna Kobori. Over there, this charming little dog builds a beautiful daily life with a man who, as they say, has nothing to offer. Mimi knows they are wrong.

His name is Sebastian. He comes by every day to console Mimi. Sebastian is a homeless man who can’t walk down my street without talking to Mimi, says Cobolis. She knows that people love animals.

Below is a video of one of these visits. We do not know the beginning of the romantic relationship between Mimi and Sebastian, but it is clear that they are both looking forward to this magnificent visit. It’s not currency, but it’s an expression of kindness. If fortune were counted in animals and tails, these two would be the richest couple.

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