Despite the fact that he is a feral cat, the family really loves him unconditionally

Despite the fact that many families adopt pets, this family tamed a wild cat or a caracal. Even though its look is quite manacant, the family loves the wild animal wholeheartedly.

The family lives in Latvia, and it should be noted that adopting caracals is legal there. Nevertheless, the origins of the cat come from Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.

The cat is quite sentimental despite its instincts and nature. He is very affectionate and cute and hates being home alone.

His appetite is equal to that of human beings, so he eats meals three times a day with his other cat friends at home. The other cats are just ordinary; however, he is very special. The animal remains serious all the time, but it somehow makes the owners believe that it needs their presence and attention.

The cat sometimes even screams when it is alone. It’s his way of protesting loneliness. He is very curious to know what everyone is doing at home.

This unusual animal is more intellectual than a typical cat, so its movements and displays of affection are more authentic. Undoubtedly, having a big cat as a pet attracts a lot of attention, and when its owner takes it out, people are shocked.

When they see it for the first time, people are sometimes thrilled, but many are terrified of it and even wonder if it’s dangerous.

Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to breed a wild animal. He can’t resist his appetite, for example.

He often tends to leave without warning. Thus, the main concern of his family is to keep him in their region. It had happened before and he couldn’t go home because he didn’t know the area. His relatives searched for him for several days.

Although they were able to find it, the cat can still run through some natural hazards, such as a frozen lake in winter.

Despite all his challenges caring for him, what matters most is that his family truly loves him unconditionally.

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