9 cases where architects overdid their fantasies

Architects forget that people live there: nine cases of architects whose imagination went too far. Artisans and artists give their all when they create and produce their work. However, when they get into the process, they forget the essence of the task. This is why we regularly see unusual buildings on the streets where people live.

A building in California. Ease of living is not that unusual.

Montpellier A tower with a very unusual balcony, but perhaps life is connected with it. Most people on the street say the building looks like a weeping cherry tree.

Chongqing An inhabited, attractive and unusual floral complex.

Norway Smoking huts. The Norwegian Forest, the home of Baba Yaga.

Bangkok: walking through this building feels like a villain from a famous blockbuster movie is standing inside.

Portland A very strange and fascinating house, but also very beautiful.

Israel I live in a very strange house. Only one question arises: is it possible to live here?

Israel This spiral house was built in five years. I don’t even know where the rooms are.

A famous designer built this house for himself in Montreal and started selling it on his website.

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