18 photos from different parts of the world where nature has won and fully dominates

Sometimes it seems to us that nature is completely dependent on man, and this is partly true. But unlike nature, people are not eternal. This is the life of our planet, and she has learned to break through even in the most remote corners, where it seems that people have deprived her of this opportunity. We are sure that you have certainly come across trees that have grown directly from asphalt or from moss that has deposited on the roof more than once…

Today we want to show you pictures from different parts of our planet, where nature was able to overcome people and now fully dominates there.

Abandoned mall

tree against car

Demarcation zone in Beirut during the Lebanese civil war, 1982

Abandoned cars in the forests of Japan

Lupines invade abandoned train tracks in Texas, USA

Tree growing from 3rd floor

abandoned hotel

wood and piano

A new level of green roof

abandoned castle in France

Abandoned country house

Long Abandoned Car Track, Charlotte, North Carolina

Road in Hawaii covered in lava

Ancient Shiva temple, in the strong embrace of the sacred Bodhi tree, Bangladesh

Abandoned fishing village

Abandoned hospital in Germany

nature versus the car

Guardian of the abandoned castle of Putzar, Germany

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