12-Year-Old Forced To Abandon His Puppy To Shelter To Save Him From Father’s Abuse

In an ideal world, every dog ​​would have spent their entire lives with their loving owners, but unfortunately that is not the case. Many pets are abandoned in shelters by their owners, leaving them in search of a new home.

While some people leave their pets heartless and for selfish reasons, sometimes owners have no choice but to give up their pets, even if it breaks their hearts, because it will be better for them. them.

But one story is particularly heartbreaking—the story of an impossible choice made by a 12-year-old boy.

A Heartbreaking Note
The xollin animal shelter in Mexico received a Surprise Delivery on February 13, 2020, when a box was left on their doorstep. They opened it and discovered that someone had left them a tiny brown puppy:

It’s not uncommon for people to leave their pets outside shelters without warning, but what stood out was the fact that the dog came with a handwritten note and a dog toy.

In the shelter, they read the Note and learned the heartbreaking truth: the puppy was abandoned by its 12-year-old owner…. to protect him from an abusive father.

“My name is Andres and I’m 12 years old,” reads the Translation Note. “My mom and I decided to leave the dog in your hands so my dad wouldn’t know about it because he wanted to sell it.”

“He was hitting him and hitting him,” Andres says. One day he kicked him so hard that he hurt his tail. I hope you can help him and take care of him.”

In a crushing final word, he says he left the toy “so he wouldn’t forget me”.

It’s a disgusting reminder of how cruel people can be and innocent victims traumatized by abuse — not just a poor puppy, but a boy forced to abandon his friend.

Rene saved
The shelter adopted the puppy and named her Renee. After posting this story on Facebook, they received hundreds of requests, but stressed that the dog would still need medical treatment before it could be adopted.

Due to mistreatment, Rene’s tail was broken. He also had to be dewormed and vaccinated.

“It means more expense and work for us,” the shelter wrote, “but luckily the dog will be safe.”

A new home for René
After weeks of recovery at the orphanage, Renée has found a new home.

In March 2020, Xollin announced that René was adopted by “a family who loves him very much”.

The photos show Renee returning from the shelter, full of joy, sitting on her knees at her new owner:

It’s the bittersweet ending to a sad story. In an ideal world, Rene would stay with a boy who loved him, but that would be impossible and expose the dog to even more pain and abuse.

But we’re sure Renee will never forget her first host, who made such a cute and heartbreaking sacrifice: the photo released by the shelter shows him playing with the teddy bear the boy left for her:

It’s a sad story, but it shows this boy’s true love for his dog. He saved Rene and gave him a chance for a better life, even if it meant he had to give her up.

We hope Renee is doing well in her new home and wish for a world where no dog should suffer from abuse.

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