10 most unusual apartment buildings in the world

Since time immemorial, people have furnished their homes as they saw fit and thus, without realizing it, they have left the imprint of their personal expression on the house. Each house in this selection is absolutely unique in the world. Each of them is a work of architectural art, and their authors consider their creations their pride. And not in vain. We invite you to see for yourself.

Ideal Palace of Ferdinand Cheval, France

Ferdinand Cheval is an ordinary postman who dreamed of a real palace. And the construction of the Dream Palace began in April 1879. Ferdinand made all the engravings by hand. His house was personally endorsed by Pablo Picasso and André Breton. Now his house is a monument of art.

House of Sutyagin, Russia

This house was located in the village of Arkhangelsk Solombala. Unfortunately, this wooden masterpiece was not preserved, because in 2008 the court recognized the house as illegally built and the authorities did everything to demolish the work of Nikolai Sutyagin.

Stone house, Portugal

This house exists since 1974, its author is Victor Rodriguez, who built his original house inspired by the cartoon on the Flintstones.

Shell House, Mexico

The author of the fairy house is surrealist artist Octavio Ocampo. It was built on the Island of Women in Mexico. The house is built only of concrete and coral shells.

Another Nautilus shell house, Mexico

This handsome man is also in Mexico, or rather in Mexico City. It was designed by another brilliant Mexican architect, Javier Senosian.

Teapot House, Texas

This quaint Galveston abode has been around since 1950. It is believed to have originally been built as a bunker.

Overturned house, Poland

The owner of the overturned house, designer Daniel Shapiewski, believes that the house should have been completely different from what the horse had intended. And he aimed to create a kind of caricature of the communist system to clearly show people’s sense of disorientation in a changing world. Anyway, the house is one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Poland.

Spaceship House, Tennessee

There’s a little town in Tennessee called Chattanooga. Not far from there is a house built by a lover of the “Star Wars” epic. Currently for rent to all.

Mushroom House, Ohio

Terry Brown managed to create a real fairy tale house from an absolutely ordinary house in Cincinnati. And 36 students from the University of Cincinnati helped him do it.

Shoe House, Pennsylvania

It’s not hard to guess that this house was designed and built by someone who is somehow connected to the shoe industry. Shoe merchant Mahlon Hines built it in 1948 and is currently leased. And, as Mahlon himself assures, there are many people who want to settle there at least for a week.

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